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Penis Enlargement Surgery

Breast enlargement surgery has gone mainstream and is not only accepted but also widely performed on women around the world. Its even common these days for girls as young as 16 years old to have breast enlargement surgery. However, penis enlargement surgery has not shared the same acceptance and remains a taboo almost under ground type of medical procedure. There are a multitude of procedures available so we will investigate which ones if any are best.

Lengthening surgery

It is possible to increase the length of the penis relatively easily. This is due to the fact that 1/3 to 1/2 of your penis is inside your body. So if you're the average guy with a 6 inch penis you actually have a potentially 12 inch penis you never knew about. Imagine that?

This procedure involves the release of a network of suspension ligaments that attach the penis to the pubic bone. Once the ligaments are cut the shaft of the penis is free and drops out of the body and extends the length of the penis about an inch. This procedure is extremely dangerous since it can cause the loss of erections and normal sexual use of the penis. Furthermore, most of the time this procedure is only performed on men that already have some sort of penile disfigurement.

Girth or thickening surgery

Girth related penis enlargement surgeries are more common. This procedure involves the injection of silicone or other filler material into the male genitalia. This type of thickening penis enlargement surgery is much more successful than lengthening surgeries. On average a man can gain approximately 1 inch in girth as a result of this type of surgery. Some of the side effects with girth surgeries are loss of sensation, inability to penetrate, and scarring. There are experimental surgeries involving new types of filler such as treated cadaver flesh. While that sounds a little too extreme for the faint of heart. It is potentially a viable solution for more effective surgeries in the future.

The final word on penis enlargement surgery

Penis augmentation surgery is scary and still in its infancy. We recommend trying more non-invasive solutions. There will be a day when penis enlargement surgery is as safe and effective as breast enlargement surgery. When that day arrives men around the world we are sure will celebrate. Till then we will to stick with what works but unfortunately it not instantaneous. Take a look at our male enhancement product reviews.