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Rock Hard Weekend Review

Rated: 5.0 out of 10

There are few things in life that compare to the experience of having sex. And, when you're in the prime of your life which, in this instance, means your peak physical years, there is no real problem with having sex anytime or anywhere it becomes possible. But for guys who have gone beyond they prime years having sex anywhere and anytime they want becomes a bit of an issue. Sure, it's not like just because a guy is pushing thirty or even if he's way past that age that it means he absolutely needs help but knowing that it's there when he needs it can be a real boost to his confidence and his performance.

Now, there are a number of ways in which help with sexual performance is available but for men who don't want to get involved with the hassles and expense of prescription erectile dysfunction drugs the simplest option is probably a high quality male enhancement supplement which is generally low cost and almost always all natural in its formulation.

To backtrack for a moment here, it is important to understand why the market for male enhancement supplements have taken off in the way they have in recent years. The first and most important reason is that most men all around the world will end up being a candidate for using a male enhancement supplement at some point in their lives and this has been true since the beginning of mankind. The only thing that's changed is that, through a combination of science and age old herbal remedies men living in this era have access to safe and effective products that get to the heart of problem like never before.

For those guys who have not yet had the chance to dig into the facts of why so many men face these issues it's all really just a matter of them reaching the point when there systems start to slow down and production of critical chemical processes such as the creation of testosterone drop to levels that make it harder to not only get excited about sex the way they once did but also to perform the way they once did.

So, for guys who have decided that they want to try a male enhancement supplement there is something that they will soon discover which is that there are seemingly hundreds of products on the market and most of them seem to have nearly identical lists of ingredients and pretty much exactly the same claims. This can all lead to a paralysis when it comes time to make decision on which supplement is right for you.

Keeping all of this in mind, we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our customers find the products that will work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements available today - it's called Rock Hard Weekend.

About Rock Hard Weekend

Rock Hard WeekendProduced by New Life Products of Atlanta, Georgia, Rock Hard Weekend claims to have been around since 2008. They describe themselves as a boutique retailer of sexual aids in general and have created their own proprietary formulation for a male enhancement supplement which they playfully called Rock Hard Weekend. One problem for this fledgling company that seems to be doing a lot of things right has created a website that displays a lot of style but comes up short on specifics with regard to solid information on its product line. Speaking strictly of its male enhancement supplement we know a couple of important things about it. One is that it comes in both liquid and pill form. Another is that it appears that New Life Products has decided that listing ingredients or any kind of information regarding clinical research, studies or trials related to the safety or effectiveness of Rock Hard Weekend was not a good idea.


The bottom line is that the ingredients for Rock Hard Weekend are not listed on the products' official website. A standard search for other sources where the ingredients might be found did not turn up any results that could be verified.

Clinical Data

Along with there being no verifiable source for the actual ingredients of Rock Hard Weekend there is no available data that we could find that would support the claims made for this product.

What Real World Users Are Saying

We found it odd that the producers of Rock Hard Weekend either chose to not show any testimonials or user reviews of their product on their official website as this is a most common practice for companies to do. Perhaps they did not have any available but no matter the circumstances we would not tend to rely on what companies might post to their official websites as they are obviously biased in the company controls which testimonials it displays. Instead, we always opt for more independent sources of testimonials and user reviews.

Looking at a series of independent industry related websites with no apparent connection to New Life Products or Rock Hard Weekend and a number of chat rooms dedicated to the subject of male enhancement products we discovered many user reviews for this product. What we found was that a large majority of these reviews were quite negative in nature. Probably, the most common theme among them was that Rock Hard Weekend simply did not perform up to expectations based on its claims.

Health And Safety Concerns

Again, without any verifiable information as to the actual ingredients used in Rock Hard Weekend and without any available clinical data supporting its claims there is no real way to assess its safety concerns. Nevertheless, it is always advisable to consult with a primary care physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any similar product.


Rock Hard Weekend is available on its official website in pill form and also as a liquid shot. The basic the pill package is priced at $18.99 and a two bottle shot package is sold for $9.99.

The Final Verdict

Back at the start of this review we talked about how the sexual experience may be the most pleasurable on a man can have. But, once the first signs of mild to moderate erectile dysfunction begin to show up for men who may be around thirty or more there is always lingering doubt as to how excited one might get when the moment comes around and in one's ability to perform. To alleviate this problem millions of men in this position around the world turn to male enhancement supplements as a way to bolster their confidence and ensure that they can deliver the goods.

The problem facing all these men when they first go looking for the product that we work for them is that there are seemingly hundreds of these products with more that appear to come onto the market almost daily. To makes matters even more confusing is the fact the most of these products appear to have almost the same ingredients and make almost the very same claims.

When looking specifically at Hard Rock Weekend there are just a couple basic factors that need to be considered to determine if it is likely to work for you. One is that unlike the vast majority of male enhancement supplement sold today there is no verifiable list of ingredients that potential consumers and reviews can see that would help to evaluate it. Secondly, and somewhat obviously, there is no clinical data presented by the seller that would support the effectiveness of the product.

Taking these two critical factors and adding the fact that a large majority of independent users had a negative view of their experience with Hard Rock Weekend it is clear that there is no basis to rank Rock Hard Weekend among the best possible options for men looking a boost to their sexual drive and performance.

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