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Dapovar Review

Rated: 6.75 out of 10

There is no dispute that the sex act is one of the most important elements of life for humans. Next to the instinct for survival the only other serious matter that concerns all humans is the instinct to procreate. Now, this instinct has been neutered to some degree by advances in civilization that make it less important for people to produce offspring but the basic urge to engage in sex has not diminished in the most primal sense. Over time the focus we put on the sex act has shifted from a basic desire that forces us to produce children to a sense that we should extract as much pleasure from the act as possible.

From studies into various forms of sex such as the Kama Sutra to the pursuit of other examples of sexual experimentation there is an ever growing market for methods and items that are designed to enhance the overall sexual experience. One of them can be found in the booming market for male enhancement supplements.

Most of these generally all-natural supplements are designed to boost testosterone in men to maximize their virility and to help restore much of that lost virility in older men who have moved beyond their peak physical primes. Yet, there are other types of male enhancers which are more specifically targeted at specific issues which are more related to the pleasure that men and their partners want from their sexual activity.

These supplements are designed alter the body chemistry in order to heighten the sensations derived from sex while at the same time suppressing the sensations that lead to early or even premature ejaculation in men. The point is to maximize the pleasure while prolonging the experience before reaching climax which then leads to more potent and longer lasting orgasms.

The end result of this not only benefits the man but also his partner who get to enjoy are longer and more intense sex act.

As with all male enhancement supplements there is the ongoing and growing issue surrounding the explosion of products of this nature in the market due to the ever increasing amount of profits that the industry is producing now that it has proven itself so successful and improving the sex lives of millions and millions of users all around the world. The bottom line is that finding a high quality product of this nature is only becoming more and more difficult.

It is for this reason that we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our valued readers find the products that are likely to work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancers focused in increasing pleasure - it's called Dapovar.

What To Know About Dapovar

A product of Zaanstad-Noordwijk which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zaanstad-Noordwijk Nutr Ltd. based in France. As can be seen at their official website the company has been operating since 2010 and first rolled out Dapovar in Holland. After, a successful trial run there the company took Dapovar into worldwide distribution.


Upon arrival at the company's official website visitors will find that it is a clean, modern and filled with some rather deep explanations about the scientific theory that is behind the formulation for Dapovar. In essence, the theory behind Dapovar is that there are multiple receptors within the brain that have control over sexual arousal and that, over a period of time, as men get older, these receptors tend to become less and less sensitive to certain stimuli. The formulation for Dapovar is designed to correct all of these issues providing a basis for increased sexual sensitivity while also creating improved conditions for greater control over arousal.

These explanations of the related theories include remarks such as "To accomplish an increase in central serotonin levels in a natural non-prescription manner, Dapovar contains L-5-Hydroxytryptophan (L-5-HTP), the immediate natural building block (precursor) of serotonin from a concentrated and standardized botanical source. L-5-HTP is only one (1) natural biosynthetic step away from forming the neurotransmitter serotonin."

What Is Dapovar Made Of?

Surprisingly, the makers of Dapovar chose not to include a listing of the ingredients used in the creation of the formula for Dapovar. It is likely that they concluded that the often lengthy and rather deeply technical explanations for their theories that led to the development of Dapovar made the listing of ingredients just plain unnecessary. Still, we believe, it would always helpful to potential consumers and reviewers to know the exact ingredients that were to be used in the production of a supplement especially when producer makes claims that the ingredients that they use are all-natural.

The Science Behind Dapovar

It should be noted that on Zaanstad-Noordwijk official product website, the company does claim that there are multiple studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the formulation for Dapovar but they do not provide any links to any of the studies that they refer to. It should also be noted that it remains unclear whether the studies in question were related to the known benefits of the individual ingredients used in the product or whether there were documented studies and clinical trials that would support the claims made for the overall effectiveness of the actual formulation for Dapovar.

What Real Users Are Saying About Dapovar

It is no surprise that the official website for Dapovar provides a long list of testimonials to the products effectiveness. However, as any experienced consumer knows, testimonials or user reviews that appear on a products official site or on other marketing materials are controlled by the seller and are, therefore, obviously biased in their assessment. This being the case we always look for alternative and less biased sources of testimonials or user reviews.

Taking a look at several industry related websites with no known connection to Dapovar or its producer and at multiple internet chat rooms dealing with male enhancement we discovered many independent user reviews for this product. Compiling the results it became clear that a wide majority of independent users did not feel that Dapovar lived up to its claims in any significant way. The most widely shared comments seemed indicate that there was no appreciable increase in sexual experience for the users.

Health And Safety Concerns

Without knowing the ingredients used in Dapovar there is no way we can state how safe this product may be. This is why it is always advisable to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any similar product.

Purchasing Dapovar

Dapovar can be purchased through its official website and offers multiple options beginning with a 30 day supply for $29.95 and with increasing discounts for 90 and 180 day supplies. All purchases are accompanied by a 60 day 100% money-back guarantee.

The Last Word On Dapovar

Making sex an even more enjoyable experience is a worthy goal and many products have shown that they can help in that process. The problem for most new consumers is that the market for these types of products is now beyond confusing and that finding the best products of this nature is harder than ever.

Taking a direct look at Dapovar it quickly becomes clear that there are just a few simple aspects that must be examined in order to know if it ranks among the best possible choices on the market. One is the list of ingredients which we have found to be surprisingly missing from all the available product information.

The second is the lack of any research, clinical data or test trials that would support the claims of effectiveness or even safety of the product.

The third aspect is that a wide majority of independent user reviews that we came upon had a rather negative view of Dapovar in their experience.

Putting all of this information together it is clear that Dapovar cannot be considered one of the best options for men looking to increase the pleasure in their sex lives.

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