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Testofen Male Enhancement Pill

Rated: 4.5 out of 10

There’s a lot of talk regarding testofen in the male enhancement and body building arenas. This is because testofen is supposed to boost free testosterone levels, which in turn should enhance muscle building and sexual performance. It could also assist, according to some studies on testosterone levels, with depression in men.

Testofen Reviews

There are not a ton of reviews on testofen. It is manufactured by Gencor Pacific Inc. USA. Gencor believes testofen will improve your sex drive, develop stronger and larger muscles and create harder more virulent erections according to test results. Most tests, though, were done on rats, although there have been studies done on humans and some have been positive, but it’s not a lock altogether that these benefits will translate to human beings. Testofen is marketed as a male enhancement product and a body building supplement and is towing the line between the two markets because of its claims that it will increase testosterone levels.

Testofen Ingredients

There is some confusion that testofen is simply an ingredient that goes into male enhancement products and body building supplements. That is true in some cases but testofen itself is made up of other ingredients. The major ingredient seems to be Fenugreek. It is said to be comprised of strong compounds, namely protodioscin and steroidal saponins. Other ingredients include Gracillin, Protogracillin, Diosgenin and Dioscin.

Does Testofen Really Work?

Fenugreek seed on its own is used in cooking and has been touted to help with everything from sex drive to arthritis. Testofen has been tested and the tests have proven that it can generally increase sexual desire and build muscle mass because of the generation of testosterone. But as stated earlier, the tests are not conclusive and there should be more study done on Testofen before it’s hyped as a major breakthrough in male enhancement and body building.

Buy Testofen

Testofen is found in a number of products claiming to help with everything from male enhancement improvement, to body building and health related issues like hypertension and diabetes. The products range in prices from $20 to over $50 per bottle. It would be beneficial if consumers did their homework regarding this product to make certain that they are purchasing a supplement that is right for their needs.

As far as male enhancement supplements, those that contain Yohimbe have been given favorable reviews. Xytomax is such a product and has been bathed in a positive light for improving sexual performance in over 95% of the men who use it. It is safe and effective and no side effects surface as a result of taking this male enhancement supplement. The all natural ingredients in Xytomax concentrate on upgrading the sexual experience and each ingredient has been carefully selected to perform a specific duty relating to sexual activity. Xytomax contains Yohimbe a FDA approved ingredient that helps supply more blood to the penis for firmer erections. Xytomax also contains: Damiana, Longjack Extract, Avena Sativa, Vitamin B3, Zinc Oxide, Muira Puama, Epimedium, Guarana Extract, Maca Root, Saw Palmetto, Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa, Cnidium Monnieri, GABA and Ginkgo Biloba. All combined, these ingredients result in a high-powered performance pill.

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