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VigFX Review

Rated: 6.2 out of 10

There's an old song called with a line that says that some guys have all the luck and that's true. Some guys are just naturally good looking or naturally gifted with a lot brains and personality or naturally gifted as athletes or they might have been born with money. Some guys are even lucky enough to have born with many or all of those traits. But, there's another kind of luck that some guys have that other don't and it's that they were born with a larger than average penis. Sure, it's not something that many people will see but to those that do it can be pretty impressive. And, there is no denying that any man who is walking around with a monster in his pants usually feels and acts like he has a secret edge over most other guys.

Knowing this it's little wonder that most men who feel that they were not lucky enough to be born with a large penis have some issues when it comes to confidence both with getting women and with keeping them. That being the case it's no surprise that men, since the beginning of time have always been in search of some way to make their penis' bigger. And, over the last several decades there have actually been a few different ways to make that happen. First there is the most expensive and most risky way of doing it and that is through a medical procedure known as penis enlargement surgery. Yes, the thought of that is painful in itself so, if you looking for something a little less extreme you could always play it a little safer.

Traction devices are certainly less invasive than surgery but they still require a guy to put his penis in a contraption that literally constantly pulls on his penis in order to stretch it over a period of months for hours on a near daily basis. Now, there is evidence that this course of action does have a record of success with many users but there is also no doubt that it is cumbersome to say the least and certainly involves a fair degree of pain.

Yet another option is to consider a high quality male enhancement supplement designed for this very purpose. For those of you who may not be familiar with these new health aids they are generally pills that, in most cases use a blend of all-natural elements and are designed to boost a male's system to produce some different results. For instance, the earliest of these supplements were designed to help an aging man boost this failing ability to produce testosterone at the same high rate that he once did during his peak physical years. Still, others were designed to raise the level of semen produced in order to increase the intensity and duration of male orgasms. And still others were designed to increase the amount of blood flow to the penile chambers to produce a larger penis both while flaccid and erect.

The one real problem that has arisen out of all of these great new advances is that the industry that produces them has become a victim of its own success in that these products have become so popular that just about any company that can produce a pill and put it on the market has done so and many of them are being proven to be much less effective than the top rated products even though they often claim to use all the same basic ingredients. Given that fact it's no wonder male consumers all over the world are left wondering which product is the right one to buy.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as a part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about penis enlarging male enhancers on the marketing today - it's called VigFX.

VigFX Basics


Manufactured and distributed by a firm called Leading Edge Health which appears to be based in the U.S., VigFX is said by its official website to provide a significant increase to the size of the penis. Some other claims are that VigFX will improve the ability to form and keep an erection by up to sixty-two percent, increase sexual satisfaction by at least seventy-one percent and elevate sexual desire by as much as forty-seven percent.

VigFX Active Ingredients

This male enhancer uses a well-established if not quite standard list of ingredients that include Epimedium Leaf, Damiana, Ginkgo Biloba, Red Ginseng, Saw Palmetto, Muira Puama and Catuaba Bark.

VigFX And The Research

It is always useful to know these ingredients in any product but knowing about the way in which a product was formulated can be even more helpful. This is because formulations for these types of products are generally developed through the use of research, studies and clinical trials.

Based on a review of all of the information available through the official product website for VigFX and other outside sources we could not locate any links to data or reports which would support the many impressive claims made for this product.

What Real Users Are Saying

With the advent of the internet consumers have gained access to a tool which connects them with other consumers in a way that was never possible before. Because of this they can now see what other consumers have to say about their experiences with products and services and, as result, these types of user reviews have become the single most trusted form of advertising in every sector of business. The only issue with this is that, in most cases, consumers tend to view these comments on websites or other marketing materials which are created by and controlled by the seller. This being the case they contain an obvious and inherent bias. To avoid these issues we always seek out more independent sources of user reviews.

Looking at a number of industry websites with no apparent connection to VigFX and its producer plus several chat rooms and forums dedicated to male enhancement supplements we located a large array of independent user reviews for this product. Based on a compilation of the overall user review ratings it appears clear that most users did not believe that VigFX lived up to its promises in any significant or lasting way.

Safety Issues

A review of the list of ingredients in this product showed that they are widely used across the industry and in many of its top performing competitors. With this being true it seems unlikely that there would be any serious health risks among otherwise healthy males. However, it is always best to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting a daily regimen of this or any similar product.

How And Where To Buy VigFX

At this time the only way to purchase this product is through its official product website. Furthermore, VigFX is currently priced at $76.99 for a one month supply. It must be note that this price among the highest in the industry at this time.

The VigFX Conclusion

Wanting to have a larger penis is something that most men all over the world want. And, since a high quality penis enlarging male enhancement supplement is likely the least expensive and least risky way to achieve that. What we wanted to know is if VigFX is one of the best choices available. To do this we looked at just three core facts.

The first was the fact that the list of ingredients is common to most of the products rated among the top performers on the market. The second was the fact that, despite many impressive claims, there is no data that we could find that would support those claims based on any credible research, studies or testing. The last fact was related to what users had to say and here we found that most of those that we saw had a highly unfavorable view of their experiences.

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