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X4 Labs Penile Extender: Is It Safe? Does It Work?

Rated: 4.0 out of 10

You have a problem. Actually, millions of men around the world have this problem and it's a big one. Well, actually, the problem is that it's not a big one. Yes, whether you have recently come to the realization that your penis does not measure up to expectations for you or your partner or you've known it for a long time the fact of the matter is that you are not happy about it. Maybe it's not that your partner is unsatisfied. Maybe it's that you don't have a partner because you've lost them of this embarrassing issue or you feel you can't get or keep one so you don't even bother trying to get one. Whatever your situation is the question is - what can you do about it?

If this is not the first time you've set out to explore the options that are available to a man in your position then you probably already know that, fortunately, you actually do have options. And, when you break it down, there are basically three different ones. You can choose a surgical procedure to enlarge and enhance your penis, you can choose a therapeutic device that will apply traction to your penis in order to stretch and enlarge it or you can choose a male enhancement supplement that is designed to increase the blood flow to your sexual organs which will engorge your penile chambers with an increased amount of blood that will literally balloon your penis. All of these options have their pros and cons so let's talk about them a little.

Penis enlargement surgical procedures have been around for a long time and, as one would expect, have evolved in ways that have resulted in greater results and fewer complications but there's no getting around the fact that a surgeon is going to cut into you penis with all of its various defined segments, tubes and veins and possibility of complications or just an unsatisfactory result are very real. The very idea of this, of course, would make any man cringe but for those of us with no other option, it is a proven medical procedure that is an extremely viable option.

Therapeutic traction is another option that has been with us for decades. This method first developed by Dr. Siana in Denmark employs the basic theory behind other traction devices used in medicine all around the world to help set bones and stretch other parts of the body during healing and even to help match mismatched body parts such as when one leg is shorter than the other and you want to make them even.

X4 Labs Penis ExtenderWhen it comes to male enhancement supplements the problem of a small penis is approached from a different angle - inside, to be clear. Rather than enlarging the penis by adding and reconfiguring the flesh of the penis through a surgical procedure or creating tension on the penis to promote growth these supplements create greater blood flow which, in the end, stretches the penile tissue from the inside.

Keeping all this in mind, we, in our ongoing efforts to help our readers understand the issue and make the choices that are right for them, have decided to take a good hard look at one therapeutic traction device that has had many people in the industry talking and it's made by X4 Labs.

Inside X4 Labs

According to its official website x4 Labs is located in Dorion, Quebec in Canada. There line of therapeutic traction devices for the penis is quite large and varied as they are offered in a number of different packages ranging from lower tension models with very basic accessories to their highest tension models and, as you might guess, a whole host of accessories designed to help you achieve maximum results. They even have a separate category of devices known as straightening devices designed to aid specifically in straightening penis' that are suffering from the effects of Peyronie's disease which causes the penis to curve in various ways.

The Science behind Therapeutic Traction

Although it may seem simple, the basic theory is that by applying tension to the flesh of the penis the cells within the penis are stretched to the point where they become slightly damaged. This causes the body's recuperative powers to kick in and begin to affect repairs to the damaged area on a cellular level. In the process new layers of cells are created and the overall mass of the organ is enlarged.

X4 Labs Claims

For one thing, X4 Labs claims to be the #1 penis traction device on the market today due to a high level of features that they have developed of decades of clinical trials. Frankly, the descriptions of all these features is a little overwhelming but the basic point is that they looked at every aspect of a complex design and have made numerous improvements to everything from the base of the unite that rests upon the body to the size and strength of the tension rods that apply the traction to the penis to the variety of forms for holding the penis shaft so that it stays anchored to the end of the tension bars as they pull the penis outward.

X4 Labs User Reviews

Curiously, with an official website for X4 Labs that is so full of information there are no user testimonials that we could find. This makes little difference as it is our policy to research testimonials and user reviews from other, non-affiliated, websites and chat rooms so that we can gain a more unbiased set of opinions on products but we thought it worth mentioning.

Of the many user reviews that we found the majority of them were of a negative nature. The most common theme among them was that, no matter which model or package of X4 Labs traction devices that the user may have purchased, was that the device was cumbersome and not comfortable to wear. Additionally, the process of putting the device on and when and where it could be used proved to be more than most men had bargained for.

X4 Labs Money Back Guarantee

Yes, the company does offer a money back guarantee but it involves the purchaser to go through a daunting set or requirements in order to qualify. First, there is the purchase, and then the user has to open an account which tracks the usage of the device which must be logged into to record the use in accordance with the recommendations. Finally, the log must show that the recommended usage was recorded for a minimum of six months before the purchaser can apply for the money back guarantee. Is this unreasonable? In our opinion, no but it certainly creates a lot of hoops that must be jumped through to receive your refund and it is likely that most men who may not feel that they are not getting the desired results are likely to just give up prior to six months.

Our Conclusion

As we discussed at the beginning of this review, there are three basic ways for men who are unsatisfied with the size of their penis to do something to correct that - penis enlargement surgery, a penile therapeutic traction device and male enhancement supplements. For those men who may not want, may not be eligible or can't afford surgery that leaves two options.

If you believe that a penile traction device is the right choice there may be better options than X4 Labs but there is no reason, other than the poor ratings it receives from the majority of independent user reviews that we encountered, not to try it if you think that you will have the motivation to follow the strict guidelines the set out as a requirement in order to receive a refund.

In the end we believe that, for men who desire to change their lives by finding the best way to enlarge their penis, the best answer is to apply the Keep It Simple approach. This means that, if all else fails, you can get the surgery but that is not simple. You could use a traction device but, as we have described, they can be quite cumbersome and even painful if not used correctly.

That leaves us with male enhancement supplements. Generally speaking, since most of the highest quality, top ranked male enhancement supplements are made of all-natural ingredients there is little to no expectation of any adverse effects. And, since this is the easiest and least expensive way to potentially solve an issue that most men would agree must be solved if possible then would seem to most people to be the first thing one might try before going on to the other, more costly and more problematic options.

For more information regarding high quality, top ranked male enhancement supplement available on the market today, click here.

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