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ProZemax Review

Rated: 6.1 out of 10

For most men the thought of losing their ability to have sex is a frightening one. It signifies a lot things and none of them are really good. For one thing bring on the realization that they are getting older which means in tangential ways that they are getting weaker, less dominant and even less attractive and desirable by women. This can be a hard pill to swallow for most guys so it's no surprise that there has always been a market for potions, elixirs, incantations and talismans of every kind supposedly offering the power to restore a man's sexual drive and powers. There is even some evidence that some of these worked to a degree perhaps without ever understanding why. To know this one needs to simply look at what we now know is the main reason for these issues in men who have move past their physical prime.

The word of the day is testosterone. It's that all-important hormone that gives a man the qualities that we all recognize as being the essence of a man. It provides him with the power to build up large amounts of lean muscle mass, burn fat at a high rate, gives him a high degree of sexual drive or libido and the capacity to act on it in a sustained manner. The problem for nearly every man is that once he reaches gets beyond his peak physical years his ability to produce testosterone at the same high level begins to decline and continues to do so at a rate of about two percent per year. This means that he starts to lose some of that lean muscle mass, his ability to burn fat at a high rate and, to the point here, he starts to lose some of his natural sex drive and his ability to perform like a champ in bed.

Fortunately, over the last decade or so there have been a number of amazing advances in our scientific understanding of how all of this works and the way some of the all-natural herbal remedies of the past had a positive effect on all of this. The result is what many refer to as the modern male enhancement supplement. These generally all-natural health aids are, in most cases, designed to help boost the male body's capacity to produce testosterone and get it back up to the level it was during a guy's peak years.

Unfortunately, because of the great success and high demand for these types of products all around the globe, basically every entity with capacity to produce a supplement and get it out onto the market has either done so or is in the process of doing just that. It is now to the point where there are literally hundreds of these products out on the market and, even though many of them contain very similar ingredients and make nearly all the same claims, there is often a distinct difference in their quality. This has led to a lot of confusion in men seeking to try one of these products and a lot of frustration when it turn out that the one they chose doesn't deliver the goods.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that are likely to work best for them, have decided to take a good hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement products out there today - it's called ProZemax.

ProZemax Basics


The first thing to know about this product is that its maker, Love Laboratories have apparently elected not provide it with its own official website. This means that a lot of critical information is not being provided to consumers or reviews that would shed light on how ProZemax stacks up against the competition.

The second thing to know is that ProZemax is different from many of its competitors in the fact that it is not an oral supplement. In fact this product is a topical cream that is claimed to provide many of the same benefits as many other products except that it is absorbed into the system through the skin rather than the digestive tract.

By doing so ProZemax is said to boost testosterone production capacity and increase blood flow by bolstering the production of nitric oxide in the bloodstream which is responsible for carrying both oxygen and nutrients to all major muscle groups and organs which leads to greater overall health and sexual stimulation.

What's In ProZemax

Other than the ingredients found in the sexual lubricant aspect of the product there appears to be two key active ingredients in ProZemax.

  • Niacin: Used to produce what is referred to by many as "the niacin flush" which is said to be a rush or warming sensation familiar to most men as a prelude to greater sexual sensation.
  • Prosexual Nutrients: Kept secret by the claim of it being a proprietary blend of ingredients these unknown nutrients are used to elevate the flow of blood to the penile chambers by increasing levels of nitric oxide within the bloodstream which has a clear ability to transfer oxygen and nutrients to organs and muscle tissue.

Scientific Studies And ProZemax

To be clear, most products of this nature with a good track record have been through a series of trials that offer some hard evidence as to its efficacy. With no official website set up for ProZemax there is little available data that can be accumulated on this product.

However, even with a search of outside sources no real sources of data related to research, studies or clinical trials could be found. This is important because any product, even with the best ingredients, could be very effective or not effective at all. And, without and hard analytics there is no real way to determine whether it has any real track record.

ProZemax User Reviews

It is common knowledge that most sellers like to use testimonials or even user reviews that are positive as a way to make potential customers believe that the brand's existing customer base really thinks highly of the product. The problem with most of these types of commentaries is that they appear on product websites that are controlled by the seller or in marketing materials of a different kind produced by the seller. This is important to understand since the seller is not likely to use any negative comments to promote its product. This leaves us with the fact that these testimonials and user reviews have an inherent bias and it is for this reason that we always look for other sources of user reviews with a more independent streak.

Utilizing a number of industry related websites with no apparent connection to ProZemax or Love Laboratories as well as multiple internet chat rooms given to discussing male enhancement products we found numerous independent user reviews for this product. Analyzing their content it became clear that the overwhelming majority of them were of a negative nature. In fact, the most common themes among these negative reviews was simply that users did not feel that they achieved any real benefits from its use even after prolonged periods of use.

How Safe Is ProZemax?

With most oral supplements of this kind it is relatively easy to examine their ingredients and have some idea as to how risky they are to use. In this case with the product being designed as a topical solution and with a number ingredients that remain unknown there is no real way to make that kind of determination. Still, it is always advisable to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any other similar product.

How To Buy ProZemax

A one month supply of this product can be purchased through a number of major online retail outlets including At the time of publication pricing varies widely between multiple retailers so doing a little research would likely lead consumers to the best possible pricing.

Our Final Thoughts On ProZemax

At the heart of the matter there are just three things that anyone should look at to know if ProZemax is a good choice for men seeking help with sexual dysfunction. The first is the ingredients which are not all readily available for review. The second is how those ingredients are formulated and for which this product's producers have either not provided to the public in a easy to find manner or have not produced at all. The third is to look at what independent user reviews have to say and, in this case, the results are not good as the majority of those that we could find had quite negative options.

When all is said and done, there is little doubt that ProZemax has not earned the right to be called one of the best options for men seeking to boost testosterone levels and increase blood flow for greater sexual pleasure and performance.

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