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ProSolution Pills Review

Rated: 6.0 out of 10

We know why you are reading this article. It's because you and millions of men like you just don't feel the same way about sex as you once did. If you're being honest, you know there was a time when sex was always on your mind and having sex was the first thing on your list of things that you would want to be doing. Unfortunately, for most men over the age of thirty, that feeling starts to wane and only gets worse as the years go by until, finally, you reach the stage where, even when confronted with the kind of sexual stimuli that used to make you blow your stack with sexual excitement barely even registers. Well, as we said, you are not alone and because this is such a widespread problem there is a multi-billion dollar industry filled with a seemingly endless string of products designed to give men back their ability to have incredible sex and, just as importantly, their desire to have sex.

The main question for men in need of this kind of help is whether to go with a prescription medication such as Cialis or Viagra with all of their inherent costs, restrictions and potential serious health risks or with a less expensive and far safer non-prescription remedy that is likely all-natural and nearly risk free.

As part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers figure out what solution is right for them we have decided to look closely and one of the most talked about male enhancement supplements on the market today - it's called ProSolution Pills.

ProSolution Basics

One of the first things that you will notice when you visit the ProSolutions official webpage is that it is quite extensive with a great amount of polished looking information and a number of links and secondary pages filled with articles and listings devoted to doctor testimonials and clinical studies done around the world including in China and Russia.

The producer, Leading Edge Health, put in a lot of work to make the site attractive and instructive to potential customers and should be commended for the detail they provide in the promotion and sale of their product.

Pro Solution


As an example of the great quantity of information provided by ProSolutions on their website we have chosen to list all the ingredients of their product with just a small summary of the lengthy but informative text associated with each individual element.

Claimed by some studies to be a sexual motivator, this compound contains L-Dopa which is a building block for the pleasure transmitter dopamine.

Korean Ginseng
A common ingredient in most high quality male enhancement formulations, Korean Ginseng has a long history of being used for many health related purposes including the enhancement of libido and blood flow issues such as those experienced with erectile dysfunction.

Butea superba
Originally found in Thailand and surrounding areas this herb has been used for centuries in many eastern cultures as a natural aphrodisiac and general enhancer of the sexual experience.

A long history in Chinese medicine with many claimed benefits including aiding in the relief of diabetes and digestive tract issues as well as many sexual benefits such as increasing testosterone levels by aiding in the reduction of body fat.

Rich in Vitamin C and other elements such as Bioflavonoids and apigenin this ingredient is added to help with the growth and strengthening of blood vessels essential achieving and sustaining strong erections.

This herbal extract is known for its effects on heart rate and blood pressure and other cardiovascular processes necessary for healthy sexual activity.

A proven enhancer of the male sexual drive this is also included to boost testosterone levels quickly - some studies claim as soon as just a few days.

Aids in the production of testosterone and bolsters the production and viability of sperm.

An eastern plant extract sought after for its ability to boost energy and stamina in general daily life and during sexual activity.

Native to parts of India this plant extract has long been used to improve the quality of erections and reduce the time needed to recover before achieving a full erection. It is also used in traditional eastern medicine as an aphrodisiac.

A proprietary compound containing the active ingredient 'protodioscin', which improves the production of the luteinizing hormone which regulates the secretion of testosterone from the Leydig cells.

Another common ingredient in many quality male enhancement supplements, this form of seaweed is used to improve thyroid health to stimulate fat burn and improve stamina.

User Reviews

The ProSolution's website lists many user reviews and doctor testimonials which, for many potential customers can add up to be a powerful argument for buying their product. However, given the nature of regulations regarding what claims can be made and how the can be stated or displayed, we have chosen not to rely solely on these. Instead, as always, we have sought out as many user reviews we could find using non-product affiliated industry websites and subject relevant chat rooms in an attempt to get a more unbiased view of the product.

What we discovered through these many independent user reviews was that despite the bold claims, testimonials and endorsements from doctors on the ProSolutions official website, the overall view of most independent users was that there was little to no appreciable benefit found in the use of this product.


As we discussed earlier, there are multiple serious potential health risks associated with the use of prescription erectile dysfunction pills but that doesn't mean that non-prescription remedies are without risks of their own. As always, we advise anyone considering the use of any male enhancement product, whether all-natural or not, to consult with their primary care physician or other qualified medical professional as to whether that product may contain ingredients which could be potentially harmful given your specific medical conditions.


Going back to the basic premise of why you are reading this review, there are millions of men all around the world who, one they reach the age of thirty, begin to experience an ever increasing decline in their levels of interest in sex and their ability to perform as they did in their younger days. The very fact that you are reading this only shows that you are one of these millions of men and you have the motivation to do what is necessary to recapture those lost feelings and get back to being the man you once were.

So, then there is the question as to whether a prescription medication which can trick your body into acting as if it is aroused without actually engaging the mental aspects of sexual desire or a non-prescription remedy such as a high quality male enhancement supplement that simply provides your body with many of the lost elements that allowed you to desire and perform sexually as you once did is right for you. The answer, we believe, is simple - before going the route of prescription medications it is well worth it to try a simple, less expensive and less risky non-prescription remedy to see if that will solve your problem.

When it comes to ProSolution, we looked at all the available information including their official website, research and clinical studies claims and user reviews, both on affiliated sites and other more independent sources. The bottom line is that, although ProSolution does contain a number of common and even highly regarded ingredients it seems clear that they have taken the 'kitchen sink' approach to formulating a male enhancement supplement that seems more part of a marketing strategy than a well-crafted formula designed to provide the elements needed to restore lost testosterone and improve blood flow.

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