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Increase Semen Volume and Cum like a Porn Star

One of the most satisfying pleasures in life, which is usually only whispered about, is the intense bliss of an orgasm. The orgasm is the pinnacle of sexual performance and men who release more fluid during orgasm intensify that emotional jubilation. Men who ejaculate a concentrated and large amount of seminal fluid experience a number of orgasmic contractions. These contractions are also called “The Ropes” and they add more enjoyment to the orgasm. There are a couple of ways to increase the concentration and the amount of seminal fluid in each orgasm; it’s as easy as focusing on food and adding an herbal supplement to your diet, like Quantum Pills. You, too, can achieve the "money shot" and cum like a porn star!

The Ropes

“The Ropes” is a phrase that has been used to describe the contractions a man has during orgasm. No one is sure where it originated, but some think it came from the Danish word for male orgasm. Men usually have 3 to 4 contractions during orgasm and each one lasts 1 or 2 seconds. The first one is the most intense, and the others feel good too. Men want to experience the ropes as many times as possible, so the orgasm can continue. Contractions are directly related to semen volume, so the more semen that is produced, the more ropes. That’s why it's desirable to increase semen volume - when the concentration and volume of the seminal fluid in increased, more ropes are experienced and enjoyed.

Foods That Increase Semen Volume

Food as we all discover at some point, can be filled with empty calories or filled with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that help boost our immune systems, raise testosterone and HGH levels and increase the volume and the concentration of semen. Identifying the foods that increase semen concentration is an excellent way to improve your sexual pleasure. Zinc is known for its ability to stimulate and generate new sperm cells. Foods rich in zinc like oysters, nuts, seeds, turkey, red meat, wheat barley and lamb all contain zinc. They will increase the volume of semen and will enhance your orgasmic experience. Folic acid also plays a role in increasing the amount of semen, as well as the richness of the semen, so foods like okra, asparagus, broccoli and all citrus fruit have a dramatic effect on semen quality. Other foods like tomatoes, guava and pink grapefruit are filled with lycopene, which makes a contribution to thicker semen. Certain amino acids found in eggs, tuna and poultry can also assist in raising the volume and concentration of seminal fluid.

How To Increase Semen Volume

Another important player in producing a richer blend of seminal fluid, which will increase contractions and turn the quality level up on orgasms, are semen volume pills such as Quantum Pills. Quantum Pills are an easier and faster method of increasing the fullness and the volume of seminal fluid. Each semen volume pill has a blend of Horny Goat Weed, Ginkgo Biloba, Maca Root, Catuaba Bark, Muira Puama, and Swedish Flower Pollen. The blend of these ingredients is an effective formula that builds a thick, vitamin and mineral rich seminal fluid that creates more contraction or The Ropes, so each orgasm rings the bell of orgasmic joy. Quantum Pills are a proven supplement that enhances each sexual experience by helping to produce powerful orgasms, as well as the ability to climax multiple times in one sex session.

Semen Volume Pills

Quantum Pills are not the only brand of semen volume pills that are sold as climax enhancer. Each brand performs differently based on the ingredients and the formulation. Quantum Pills are proven to be the most effective brand when it comes to adding volume to semen, along with supplying the nutrients that makes it more concentrated with sperm, as well as with vitamins and minerals. Quantum Pills increase circulation and aid in keeping the testicles and prostate healthy, so they function effectively day after day and during intercourse. The ingredients in Quantum Pills provide a solid foundation to increase testosterone production and improve stamina. Once a routine is established and Quantum Pills become an important part of the daily diet, the results will be incredible. Not only will the overall system function more efficiently, each orgasm experienced during lovemaking will be a major event. Each contraction will produce intense pleasure and the term “The Ropes” will be a daily goal. Quantum Pills with the secret Swedish ingredient makes every orgasm feel like the first rope, time after time. Read our Quantum Pills review.