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Herbal V Male Enhancement Pills Review

Rated: 6.75 out of 10

In the years since Viagra took the erectile dysfunction market by storm there has been an ever increasing number of products developed and marketed in order to cash in on the ever increasing demand. It's certainly easy to see why - with billions of dollars spent each year by men looking to regain their youthful vigor and sexual prowess it's no wonder everyone who can put together a formula of some kind and put it in front of potential millions of potential customers. And, as any savvy consumer can guess, most of these products do not offer any real relief from the symptoms of sexual dysfunction but there are some that do.

The best of these are succeeding because they offer real results and at a reasonable cost and still others are offering an alternative to the "Big Pharma" produced products which can be dangerous for some men due to their chemical formulations. All you have to do is look at the warnings associated with Viagra or any of the other leading medications created to alleviate the symptoms of sexual dysfunction and you'll be able to easily understand why men with this problem would be looking for an alternative. It is among those men that these alternatives are gaining notoriety in the industry and, because of that, we have decided to take a close look at one of them known as Herbal V.

Inside Herbal V

Herbal V

Many of the alternative male enhancement products coming onto the market today are being produced in China and this is partly because many Chinese companies have two ways of approaching a subject of this nature. The first way is to examine a product they want to compete with and then develop a way to deliver something similar at a lower cost. The second way is to approach a development problem with a distinctly Asian point of view. In the case of a medication or supplement designed to enhance sexual activity the tendency for companies and developers with a background in traditional herbal remedies is to lean on a long and rich past of finding natural alternatives to the western approach of better living through chemistry.

This is where Herbal V comes in. And, it's clear that the producers of this much talked about male enhancement supplement is a real alternative to Viagra and the other similar medications due to its reliance on a substantial list of all natural ingredients.


Even though many of the following list of ingredients are not known to be used in the vast majority of western laboratory produced product lines there is ample evidence that many of these elements have a serious and notable record of achieving results:

  • Desert Cistanche: Useful to both men and women for hundreds of years in many parts of the world, this powerful elixir is known for its ability to stimulate the sexual drive.
  • Curculigo Rhizome: A natural remedy for problems connected to poor blood flow issues, this natural plant extract is gaining increased notoriety in the industry.
  • Rhodiola Sacra: A centuries old Aphrodisiac from the regions in the southern part of Asia, this 'miracle' plant is quickly become one of the most talked about ingredients of its kind.
  • Tibetan Ginseng: Anyone who hasn't heard of the power of Ginseng as a natural enhancer of overall health has been hiding under a rock for the last two decades. Adding this ingredient is an absolute no brainer to any formula of this kind.
  • Polygonatum Verticillatum: Another aphrodisiac added to the mix, the natural substance is finding widespread acceptance across many scientific disciplines.
  • Horny Goat Weed: Added to boost semen levels in the user, this natural ingredient is a known for its power to help produce higher levels of nitric oxide in the bloodstream.

User Reviews

One of the biggest pluses in today's market for supplements is that the very international nature of the market leads to a lot of serious competition. On the other hand, one of the biggest minuses is that there are so many different rules and regulations around the way these products are made. And, as a result, it is often extremely difficult to obtain or even verify information related to these products - that includes their safety and effectiveness.

Because of this we greatly depend on independent user reviews to help us overcome the lack of scientific information and determine just how good a product like Herbal V really is. In this case what we found in an extensive search of independent online user reviews what that Herbal V is not well regarded by those who have actually used it. The general consensus among these independent reviews was simply that Herbal V did not seem to achieve any appreciable results.

Base on the information that we do have and what we can glean from these independent reviewers is that it is not likely that the actual ingredients contained in Herbal V are the problem. On the contrary, it is far more likely that the problem can be found in the formulation. To put is simply, it is reasonable to expect that a formulation containing a high number of quality ingredients and yet fails to meet expectations is largely due to a lack of sufficient quantities of the key active ingredients. In other words, the likely problem with Herbal V is that it is just plain weak.


  • A less expensive alternative to Viagra
  • All natural ingredient list
  • Readily available for purchase through multiple online retailers


  • Reportedly causes loss of feeling in the penis
  • Many unverifiable claims made by company of Chinese origin
  • Overall poor user reviews

Medical Concerns

Although Herbal V is formulated to offer an all-natural alternative to Viagra and claims to eliminate the potential harmful side effects associated with the industry leader it is difficult to verify those claims. Given these conditions, we, as always, recommend that anyone considering the use to this or any similar product, consult with a physician or qualified medical professional before beginning regular use.

Our Conclusion

Back at the beginning of this review we talked about the ever increasing number of products looking to compete with Viagra have taken the male enhancement supplement market by storm. Many of these products have attempted to copy the Viagra formula and others have tried to provide an alternative to the chemical concept provided by the makers of Viagra.

For those looking to copy the now famous formula success has not come easily or, at least, not in any provable way beyond Viagra's other "Big Pharma" competitors. However, for those that have pursued an all-natural alternative, there have been far greater results. And this is where Herbal V comes in.

Since there is so little verifiable information available through the company that produces Herbal V or other sources we are all left to make a determination of its effectiveness and safety based almost exclusively on user reviews. And, we must say, are significantly less favorable that the most widely used products of its kind.

The bottom line with Herbal V is that, based on what we could find, it does not stand up well to scrutiny and its purported users do not have a lot of good things to say about it. Our recommendation is that if you are serious about finding a less expensive, nonprescription and all natural alternative to Viagra, you should just keep looking.

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