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The quest for male enhancement has led many men to pursue drastic measures. The rise in popularity of the male enhancement clinic is testament to this.

Men who are unhappy with their penis size often suffer from low self-esteem and feel uncomfortable in intimate situations. This discomfort can severely affect their quality of life. The male enhancement clinic offers to help these men through surgical enhancement of penis length and girth.

What is a male enhancement clinic?

A male enhancement clinic is a cosmetic surgery facility that specializes in phalloplasty. Phalloplasty is male enhancement surgery done on the penis to increase length and/or girth. Phalloplasty can also be reconstructive, correcting damage done by injury, birth defects, or unsuccessful previous surgery.

Resorting to a male enhancement clinic to increase your size is a fairly drastic measure. This kind of surgery is very expensive, and carries major risks, as does any kind of surgery. Also, unless the surgery is to repair an injury or a birth defect, it's very unlikely to be covered by any kind of insurance.

Does penile enlargement really work?

Phalloplasty as performed at a male enhancement clinic can successfully increase your size and girth. These results are permanent, and have left many men much happier with their size. However, surgery is always a risky venture due to the need for anesthetics and the possibility of infection and other complications. Surgery also requires a fairly long healing time after the procedure, during which time you'll have to abstain from sex completely.

In addition, surgical enlargement won't help increase your stamina or your libido. You might feel more self-confident with the changes in your body, which could lead to a different attitude toward sex, but the effects on your staying power and appetite are likely to be minimal.

Male enhancement pills

Another way to achieve greater penis size is through male enhancement pills. These supplements include ingredients that will naturally increase your length and girth. At the same time, they'll increase your stamina up to 200% or even more, and also give your a libido a boost.

Unlike work done at a male enhancement clinic, the results achieved from male enhancement pills don't involve the risks of surgery and won't lead to any down time in your sex life. You'll see results from supplements in as little as a few weeks.

Male enhancement pills can produce a size increase of as much as two inches--very similar to the results achieved through male enhancement clinic surgery. The herbal and nutritional supplements in male enhancement pills help increase blood flow to the genitals, which enlarges the erectile tissue. After a few weeks of use, this tissue will have expanded enough for a visible difference in erection length, girth, and hardness.

Men who have used high-quality male enhancement herbs also report greater stamina. Their recovery time becomes much shorter, and they're able to spend much longer pleasing their partners, often with multiple sessions in a single night. Supplements also heighten your sex drive, with Chinese herbs like horny goat weed.

The best male enhancement supplements come with a money-back guarantee, so if you try them and you and/or your partner aren't completely satisfied, you can get a full refund. No male enhancement clinic can make that promise. Try male enhancement supplements, as the easiest, safest, most effective way to improve the quality of your sex life. Read our reviews of the leading male enhancement pills.