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The Priapus Shot - A Drastic Male Enhancement Solution

Rated: 3.5 out of 10

Doctors have tried - and, sadly, failed - to come up with a surgical solution to men's male enhancement woes for years. Recently, however, a new procedure has emerged which may actually be effective. It's called the "Priapus Shot", or the P-shot for short. For a few thousand dollars, all it takes is a 30-minute session (or several sessions) to enhance your girth, length, erectile function, penile sensitivity, and more. But how reliable is the P-shot? How much can you actually gain? And, in the end, is it worth it? This review will explore those questions and more.

How the Priapus Shot Works

How does the Priapus Shot work? By harvesting biological material from your own body and injecting it back into your penis. Yes, we said "inject", as in "they use a needle". The biological material harvested is known as plasma-enriched growth factors (the preferred acronym is "PRP" or "Plasma Rich Proteins" for short). They are made from your own blood and plasma, so there is very little, if any, risk of rejection or allergic reaction.

Priapus Shot

Then there's the procedure itself. They outline the entire event step-by-step on their website, which includes:

  • Numbing the penis with lidocaine (and if you're allergic, then you're already having problems; did we mention this is only step 1?)
  • Drawing blood from your arm
  • Placing that blood into a centrifuge in order to extract your platelets
  • Through the magic of chemistry, PRPs are extracted from the platelets
  • Then there's the last step: "The [PRP] liquid is transferred into a syringe and injected into the penis using a tiny needle and in a way that distributes the growth factors in the proper way."

Cost of the P-Shot

It is extremely difficult to estimate how much the shot will cost, thanks to a variety of different factors. For starters, every penis is different, which means every man who walks into their Priapus Shot Clinic (we're assuming that's what they're called) will have different needs. We saw some quotes online from customer reviews pricing the procedure between $1,000-$1,500; but before you start getting excited and thinking "for getting a bigger dick, that's cheap!", remember the nature of medicine today. Most doctor's offices, outpatient clinics, and hospitals are allowed to charge whatever they please. In large cities where the cost of living is higher, clinics and hospitals are notorious for price-gouging just because they can. What might only cost some rural resident $1,000 might cost another man $5,000 or more.

Additionally, you'll be required to purchase a "medical grade" penis pump. And no, we didn't know those existed either until we started researching the Priapus Shot for this article. They run in the hundreds of dollars on sites like Amazon, and will probably cost substantially more if you get one from your doctor; but on the bright side, they're FDA approved!

Our "WTF" Moment with the Priapus Shot

Do we really have to spell it out for you? You're letting a doctor suck what probably isn't a small amount of blood out of your veins. Then he does some voodoo chemistry magic with it in a centrifuge to extract "growth factors" and most likely discards the rest. Then they put a needle in your dick and inject this magical fluid into your member at either the base, the head, or all-the-hell-over depending on where you want to see results and how much you can afford. Oh, by the way, it's not just one injection, either; the average treatment involves 5-8 injections. And some men require multiple treatments to get their desired results.

Maybe - just maybe - that little trip through male enhancement hell would be 100% worth it if they could 100% guarantee their results. But guess what? On many of their pages, the "Results May Vary" disclaimer is prominently displayed. Whether or not you see any growth in length, girth, erection strength, or enhanced sexual stimulation depends on a wide variety of uncontrollable factors.

Our Final Word in the P-Shot

On the plus side, medical science is using new and revolutionary techniques to grow your manhood and improve your erections in ways that sound just crazy enough to work. On the other hand, it involves:

  • Stabbing your penis with a needle multiple times
  • The costs start in the low thousands of dollars
  • The results are not guaranteed

If the P-shot sounds a little expensive, drastic, or both, we don't blame you. While you're still working up the courage (or saving money) to try the P-shot for yourself, take a look at our much more affordable male enhancement product reviews. No needles required!

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