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Does the ProExtender Penis Pump Really Work?

Rated: 3.75 out of 10

So, you're looking to make your penis larger and you're not sure how you want to do it. The one thing you do know is that there is just no way you are going to get involved in any kind of a surgical procedure. So, with that issue settled, you look at what alternatives are left. You've heard about the pills and how some are good and some of them are bad and you've also heard about how some have had side effects. Well, all of that is true, and that's why the door has been opened for alternative remedies like penis pumps to have a bit of a resurgence.

Now, the concept of the penis pump has been around for a long time. They've even been the punch line for a lot of jokes (go back and watch the Austin Powers movies.) Still, there is some evidence that some reasonable results have been achieved with penis pumps over the years so let's take a look at the reasons why.

First introduced in Europe decades ago, penis pumps were pitched as an alternative to herbal remedies before researchers developed better ways to combine the various herbal elements into pharmaceutical supplements that could balance these time tested ingredients and deliver them in safe and effective pills forms. One of the most appealing aspects of the penis pump concept was that it eliminated the need for herbal remedies and the laboratory alternatives that came after them. And, all a man had to do was place his penis inside of a lubricated tube and start pumping away with a squeeze pump to draw air out of the tube. The decreasing air level in the tube would eventually cause and ever increasing depressurization and eventually a near pure vacuum. What ultimately caused the penis pump to fall out of favor with many users was that it required hours of pumping multiple days a week to achieve whatever success could be reached.

Frankly, most men without any significant health problems that might be advised by a physician to avoid herbal remedies for pills simply realized it was just a lot easier to take a pill. Still, there are those who swear by penis pumps and that's why we have decide to take a close look at one of the penis pumps that has been getting a lot of attention recently - The ProExtender.

Inside ProExtender


The ProExtender is made by Fortune Bird and is made primarily of ABS+Rubber. At about twenty centimeters and just over two pounds it is of average size for a device of its kind can be classified as either a sex toy or physiotherapy device depending on where you go looking for it in the market. It has what is referred to as an EZ Push Pump Button and is manually operated. The bottom line here is that no one wants to have an electrically operated device controlling such a delicate process and, as far as we're concerned, that's a good thing.

When it comes to understanding how to use the ProExtender the company's own product subscription spells it out quite plainly. It goes something like this: Using air to increase the size of your penis the ProExtender's cylinder and bulb mechanism work in conjunction with a thin rubber tube with a lubricated sleeve. The user simply places the tube over his penis and steadily pumps the bulb to remove air from the cylinder which ultimately creates a vacuum. The massive reduction in air pressure around the penis forces blood with the user's body to flow toward the area of low pressure and fill the penile chambers. This action alone, many say, is enough actually cause a full on erection because of the expansion of the tissue within the penile chambers. No matter what you might think of the science behind the penis pump, the key thing to keep in mind is that this process does not work instantly or immediately. In fact, the manufacturer suggests that the recommended pumping session guidelines should be followed strictly. For beginners this means pumping steadily for about ten to fifteen minutes several days a week until the user builds up to a session every day. Eventually, the guidelines recommend building up to sessions of about forty-five to sixty minutes a day.

ProExtender User Reviews

People can argue endlessly over the science involved in the process of using a penis pump and there are definitely health concerns related to blood pressure issues so to avoid the circular discussions surrounding these matters we decided the best way to judge whether or not the ProExtender was safe and effective was to simply research what the men out there had to say about it.

What we found was that there are surprisingly few reviews available online. Even more surprising is that, at the time of writing this article, we couldn't help but notice that there were no user reviews posted on the ProExtender's page at We found this extraordinary given that Amazon would likely be the primary outlet to purchase this item. Putting all that aside, we did find other reviews in some of the far flung reaches of the internet and, unfortunately, they were almost unanimously negative.

Apparently, and somehow not surprisingly, many men around the world did not achieve the results they had hoped for. For many, it seems they just gave up trying to reach their goals simply out of frustration with the need to manually place their penis in the device and pump the squeeze bulb continuously for a quarter of an hour to a half an hour to an hour and even more on a daily or, at least, near daily basis.

Also, it seems from other user reviews, that for the men who actually really wanted the device to work despite the mighty effort they had to put in, they simply did not see any results that last beyond a few minutes after they stopped pumping.

Medical Concerns

As we discussed earlier, one of the main reasons for a man to consider a penis pump is that it avoids the use of herbal medications for laboratory produced supplements. The main concern there is that men with certain health conditions such as blood pressure issues, diabetes or others potential conditions, should be concerned about how some ingredients contained in lower grade supplements might cause harmful side effects.

On the other hand, the potential side effects related to the outside pressures created by the pumping process brings about a whole other list of potential concerns. Regardless of what the manufacturer or user reviews say it is always recommended that anyone considering the use of devices of this nature consult with a qualified medical professional be beginning treatment.

Our Conclusion

As we discussed that the beginning of this review, when it comes to findings ways to enlarge your penis without the use of surgery, there are two main methods - herbal medications and supplements or penis pumps. Knowing that the penis pump is an older technology that predates many of the newer and more advanced formulations found in the top-tier male enhancement supplements available on the market today, it is easy to see why many men around the world would want to avoid the early herbal remedies offered to them at the time the penis pump was gaining popularity. However, things have changed dramatically in the world of male enhancement supplements in the decades since then.

Given that research has shown that there are many high quality and well-recognized companies and male enhancement formulas available today and the fact that user reviews for pumps in general and the ProExtender specifically are, to say the least, suspect, it is no wonder that men who have done their research and are savvy consumers have overwhelmingly chosen to go with a top level supplement to achieve the results they desire.

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