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Secret Bright Anal Bleaching

With the popularity of shows like Dr. 90210, anal bleaching has certainly taken the nation by storm. While once only strippers and porn stars had to worry about whether their behinds were 'bright', these days it's the latest trend. While people may not be talking about anal bleaching now, they certainly are trying it out. Much like "getting a Brazilian" went from being a secret to being something you did on girls' night out, "intimate lightening" is going to become just another part of a beauty regimen.

Without getting too explicit, there are many positions that put your bottom on display. Time and genetics can cause unattractive darkening, which is a total turn-off. Using Secret Bright can brighten up that discoloration so you look better in bed.

Why choose Secret Bright?

First and foremost, Secret Bright is made for use in the privacy of your own home.  You don't have to worry about anyone finding out… unless you want to tell them. When it comes to at-home bleaching, you need to look for a product that is both powerful and gentle. Secret Bright is all of that and more. Its soothing formula feels cool, which makes it perfect for applying after shaving or waxing. But the best part is that it doesn't cause irritation. Secret Bright's natural ingredients lighten your most delicate skin without causing any redness or discomfort. Learn more about how Secret Bright works.

What's in Secret Bright?

While other skin lightening products use chemicals like hydroquinone, which is banned in Europe because it has been linked to cancer, all of the ingredients in Secret Bright are natural and proven not to cause irritation. Secret Bright contains melanin inhibitors like kojic acid and arbutin to prevent the body from producing the excess pigment that causes skin discoloration. While those two ingredients may sound scary, they come from rice and wheat respectively and are proven gentle. Secret Bright also uses lactic acid, which the body already produces, to help the other ingredients enter the skin.

How much does Secret Bright cost?

While a trip to the spa can cost upwards of $400, Secret Bright can cost as little as $33.33 a bottle (prices from Since a bottle lasts 30 days, that's only $1.12 a day. At that price, anal bleaching can fit in anyone's budget.

Does Secret Bright work?

After reading a bunch of positive Secret Bright reviews, we decided to give Secret Bright a try. Now that we tried it for ourselves, we have to agree with the common consensus: Secret Bright works! It was completely safe and did not irritate anyone's skin. It was so effective that a few of the testers wanted to apply it to all of their discolored skin. Learn more about Secret Bright.