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Vierect Review

Rated: 5 out of 10

The manufacturers of Vierect state that their male enhancement product will increase blood flow to the penis so it engorges, the erection will be harder and bulge and performance will get a boost because the erection will last longer and provide ample time for a winning sexual encounter. It is said to be a non-prescription aid in curing erectile dysfunction in men any age, whether they are in their prime or older.

While using the male enhancement product vierect men will have stronger and thicker erections and a boost in testosterone and sexual well-being, while enjoying more acute orgasms and an increase in sexual energy. Vierect is said to be an all-natural herbal supplement, has no side effects that are harmful and can be used with alcohol. The ingredients in vierect stay in the blood stream for 72 hours and the manufacturers recommend starting off with two capsules and then one pill every other day.

Vierect Ingredients

The makers of vierect say they hand pick all of their ingredients and use a 10 point extraction process to ensure that the formula is at its zenith. The vierect ingredients for male enhancement are as follows:

 Ginseng – promotions of healthy blood flow and to increase testosterone levels.

Horny Goat Weed –a libido enhancer that produces nitric oxide, which allows the blood vessels in the penis to relax, thus a surge of blood to enhance erections.

Cnidium – increases blood flow around the body and to the penis.

 Schizandra berries – increases sexual desire and performance and strengthens sex organs.

Bombyx Mori – an aphrodisiac high in amino acids.

Ginger root – improves circulation throughout the body.

Yohimbe – for libido and sexual enhancement.

Cordyceps – tonic herb that increases energy and physical performance.

Rehmannia Root – stimulate hormones to boost libido.

Does Vierect Really Work?

The manufacturers of vierect guarantee their product with a %110 money back promotion. They have positioned this supplement to compete against the many prescription-based products for erectile dysfunction and believe it will outperform those products without the side effects that are attributed to them. Vierect may have been tested by the makers of the product but it has not been clinically tested.

Anyone interested in vierect should consult with a physician to make certain the ingredients will not interfere with other medications and to find out if an erectile dysfunction product is right for them.

Buy Vierect

There are four different ways a person can buy vierect male enhancement product – bronze, silver gold and platinum. The bronze variety offers one bottle at $59.99, with 16 pills per bottle that is a one month supply. The silver variety offers two bottles for $109.99 with 16 pills per bottle. The gold variety, which they say is their most popular option, offers four bottles (buy three get one free) for a price of $159.99, and the platinum variety offers six bottles (buy four get two free) for $219.99.

Each bottle delivers a one month supply so the makers of vierect offer a range from one month dosage to a six month dosage.      

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