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Why Larger Penises are Better

Whether they are willing to admit it or not, all men worry about being able to "measure up" at one point or another in their lives. The consequences of feeling inadequate can have serious negative effects on your self-confidence and your sex life. If you happen to be below average in size -- measuring less than 7" -- you may already be experiencing some of these negative effects. Male enhancement could make a positive impact in your life, giving you both a larger penis and a boost in self-confidence.

Women Prefer Larger Penises

In the same way that all penises come in different shapes and sizes, all women are different with their own unique sexual desires. However, the number of women who are getting their sexual satisfaction from intercourse has been a rising trend in recent years. And those women on average rate a higher frequency of sexual satisfaction from partners who have larger penises. Larger penises really hit the spot, providing stimulation to the G-spot that smaller men simply can't deliver.

Larger Penises: How Do Men Get Them?

Exercises - There are many different male enhancement exercises you can perform for free and from the privacy of your own home, providing a simple solution for those men seeking larger penises. One of the more popular exercises is known as jelqing. This exercise involves manual stimulation of the penis in order to force tissues to grow and stretch. Allegedly, this gives the penis the ability to accommodate more blood while erect, resulting in a larger penis and enhanced erection size. There are also PC muscle exercises which have a whole host of male health benefits, one of which includes a larger penis (while erect, that is). However, if you rely on exercises in order to obtain a larger penis, you should be aware that the process requires daily time and dedication in order to work properly. And even then, it's still a gamble. It could take over a year to experience even modest gains - if you see any at all.

Penis Pumps - Penis pumps are very popular when it comes to male enhancement. Thousands of men who claimed they grew larger penises with the help of this device swear by its vacuum mechanism, which pumps air out of a glass tube that surrounds the penis, forcing the tissues of your member to expand outward into the vacuum. While this can send more blood into your erection and give you temporary enhancement, it is a time-consuming and potentially painful practice which interrupts your love-making sessions for very few benefits. For every man claiming a penis pump helped him get a larger penis, there are two who saw no results.

Male Enhancement Surgery - Women have it easy when it comes to plastic surgery procedures: most of theirs are quick, simple, affordable, and have little-to-no painful recovery time. Male enhancement surgery, however, is the exact opposite. Penis enlargement surgery often runs as high as $10,000 or more, is extremely risky (some doctors won't even perform the procedure for ethical reasons), and the most common procedures usually only provide cosmetic results; they don't actually result in larger penises. Why should you sever a ligament, especially for less than an inch of length?

The Easiest Way to Get a Larger Penis

Believe it or not, the simplest, safest, and most cost-effective way to get a larger penis is through the use of male enhancement pills. Many of the top quality pills on the market are made exclusively with natural botanical ingredients. These herbs are safe and unlikely to conflict with the majority of common medications. Another benefit of male enhancement pills is that they aren't nearly as expensive or risky as penis enlargement surgery; likewise, they aren't painful and inconvenient like penis pumps. And they are virtually effortless to use; unlike time-consuming exercises, all you have to do is swallow a pill 1-2 times per day. Getting a larger penis couldn't be easier.

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