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What is Penis Enlargement?

Penis enlargement, for the most part, is fairly straightforward. It involves enhancing your manhood's dimensions - usually both girth and length. Most men seek larger penises in order to boost their self-confidence and enhance the sexual satisfaction of their lover.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

PC Muscle Exercises - The good thing about exercising your PC muscle is that it has a wide variety of sexual health benefits for young and older men alike, including improved sexual stamina and climax control. However as a penis enlargement exercise, it often falls short and most men do not report any increases in size. Not to mention, exercising your PC muscles requires a daily commitment.

Jelqing - This exercise requires that you be semi-erect and massage your penis for several minutes on a daily basis. The theory is that men who perform these exercises will grow larger penises because it forces the penile tissue to expand, making it easier to incorporate more blood flow into their erection. However, this isn't a fool-proof method. It is very easy to perform these exercises while being either too soft or too hard, which can render the exercises ineffective or possibly result in tissue damage. Although many men swear by jelqing, the results are inconclusive at best.

Devices for Penis Enlargement

Cock Rings - Some men swear by cock rings; others are wary of their inherent risks. Cock rings work by fitting snugly at the base of the penis, preventing blood from escaping your erection. This yields temporary penis enlargement, but can result in serious medical complications if the ring fits too tightly and cuts off circulation completely. Cock rings can also get painfully tangled in your pubic hair.

Traction Devices - These are also known as "penis stretchers". The theory is that traction devices use weights or mechanical tension to stretch your flaccid penis, increase your length over time. But the scientific evidence doesn't show any proof that traction devices work. What's worse is that it could have a negative effect on girth, which is the opposite of male 'enhancement'.

Penis Pumps - Penis pumps are mechanical devices that use vacuum suction to expand the tissues of your penis. When these tissues expand, you can theoretically increase blood flow to your erection and temporarily achieve penis enlargement. But they are inconvenient to use because you have to take time to pump your penis prior to sex, forcing your partner to wait. And it isn't uncommon to accidentally over-pump, causing acute pain and tissue damage.

Are Penis Enlargement Creams a Good Solution?

Penis enlargement creams are much better at getting the job done than all of the other strategies discussed so far. The upside is that they are made from all-natural ingredients which are more effective at helping men achieve larger penises. However, they are not perfect. Most of these topical creams have to be applied shortly before intercourse with your partner, which can be sometimes be difficult to remember. Additionally, these creams can create quite a mess. While male enhancement creams provide great increases in penis size, many men prefer something a little more convenient.

The Best of the Best: Penis Enlargement Pills

Male enhancement pills are the way to go if you're trying to achieve permanent, affordable penis enlargement but you don't want to wait over a year or more in order to see significant results. The best male enhancement pills incorporate natural ingredients into their formulas for safe, effective penis enlargement. They are easy to purchase, relatively inexpensive compared to other methods, and virtually risk-free. Many even come with a money-back guarantee to show customers how much confidence the manufacturer has in their product.

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