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Our Review of Ageless Male

Rated: 4.0 out of 10

The manufacturers of Ageless Male are specifically targeting men who are over 40, and they are very clear about that fact. Their main TV ad starts with the ambiguous question "[Are you] Over 40?" and lists the laundry-list of male-specific problems which can occur with age, including fatigue, a decrease in "romantic drive", and muscle loss. And they claim that their testosterone-enhancing supplement, Ageless Male, can fix all of the problems mentioned above.

But how true are these claims, exactly? And can Ageless Male do anything for overall male enhancement, or is it myopically focused on Testosterone only? Well, our Review Squad wanted answers to these questions, and got to work. Their results can be found below.

Ageless Male Active Ingredients

Ageless Male

In the new and improved formulation of Ageless Male (we'll discuss the "old and needs improvement" formula in greater detail below), the active ingredient is their special, trademarked version of fenugreek seed extract: Testofen. But there's a little bit of controversy behind this particular additive. In human trials, when actual Testofen was used, testosterone levels "remained within the reference rage" (which is nerd-speak for "well, they didn't actually go up, BUT..."). The reported benefits of Testofen in human trials are mostly limited to the test subject's opinion of whether or not the supplement was working, as opposed to actual measurable data (such as testosterone level increase).

Ageless Male also contains:

  • Vitamin B6
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc

And while all of those vitamins and minerals can be used by the body as precursors for testosterone production, that doesn't guarantee that your body will - or even can - utilize them to produce more of this precious man-hormone.

How Much Does Ageless Male Cost?

This is yet another male enhancement product where your overall cost will greatly depend on where you purchase your supply. The manufacturer's website will give you an introductory discounted price of $19.95 + $6.99 S&H for your first 30-day (60 caplet) supply of pills. It will also enroll you in an auto-shipment program. If you decide to continue, or if you fail to cancel within your 30-day trial, bottles of Ageless Male will continue to be shipped to you for $39.95 each (plush S&H charges). You can order it online from major drug store retailers for a whopping four cents more per supply, but without the auto-shipping program. Or you can take a risk and get a supply from Amazon for just shy of $30/bottle, but as we'll discuss next, that bottle will be like a box of chocolates; you never know which version of the Ageless Male formula you're gonna get.

Our "WTF" Moment with Ageless Male

Once upon a time, Ageless Male was made with different male-enhancing ingredients. The old formula contained other popular male enhancement plant-derived compounds - such as saw palmetto, caltrops, and their own special trademarked form of longifolia jack extract, to name a few. However, even though these ingredients can provide potent male enhancement in the right amounts, the old formula apparently didn't have them in high enough concentrations to do the average Joe any good. So, they seem to have discontinued the old formula in favor of the new one.

...except, they're still selling both. The favorite formula (the one with Testofen) is more prevalent, and it's what you're more likely to get if you order from a vitamin store, a drug store, or the manufacturer's website. However, there are still rogue bottles of the old formula in circulation. The phrase "buyer beware" has never been more true.

Will Ageless Male Really Raise my Testosterone Levels?

According to customer reviews on Amazon: no, probably not. Many of these angry customers even had blood work done proving that their testosterone levels remained about the same both before and after they tried Ageless Male. And even the manufacturer's website warns consumers that "individual results can not [sic] be seen as typical and may vary".

Don't worry - there ARE high-quality male enhancement supplements out there! If you don't believe us, take a look at our Top Picks!

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