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Penis Size Myths

When it comes to self-confidence, the thing that troubles most men is penis size. They don't know if they have an average penis size or if they're coming up short in the bedroom. Let's be honest; every man wants to know if what they're packing is good enough or not. Unfortunately, due to the high number of penis size myths floating around out there, it's difficult to know how you measure up.

Average Penis Size

One of the most common myths out there is about average penis size. Some studies claim the average penis size is just over 4 inches; others claim it hovers around 7 inches. Both of these are penis size myths. The truth is the normal penis size is about 5.7 inches when erect. The average erect penis is also about 3.7 inches in girth.

Normal Penis Size

Another common myth is that the normal penis size varies by race and age. Everyone has heard the whispers that some races are bigger than others. However, most studies show this simply isn't true. Sure, there may be some circumstances where this is the case, but by and large, men across all races fall into the average penis size range of 5-6 inches.

The penis size myth of old men having smaller penises has also been debunked. Again, multiple studies have shown there is really no difference in penis size between old and young men.

How to Increase Penis Size

If everyone was being honest, all men would admit that they've wondered how to increase penis size on occasion. Everyone has seen the numerous ads on TV boasting significant gains if you take their product. Unfortunately, most of the penis size enhancers are simply scams. They often fail to work like they claim, and some of them are hazardous to your health.

Best Male Enhancement

Thankfully, not all male enhancement products are scams. We've tested hundreds of products, and the best male enhancement product we've come across is Xytomax. These natural penis enlargement pills have performed significant improvements in our testers time and time again, making them longer and thicker. If you're looking for a reliable male enhancement product, we recommend learning more about Xytomax today.