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Virility EX for Cock Growth

Rated: 5 out of 10

Virility EX is supposed to grow your penis to a larger size as well as enhancing the girth and the amount of time you can have sex with your partner. The manufacturers of Virility Ex not only tout their product as the best on the market but also recommend a lifestyle change while using their male enhancement supplement.

Virility EX Reviews

It’s not a bad idea to advocate a healthy lifestyle and it’s noble of the Virility EX makers, but that does bring up a few red flags because most male enhancement producers allow their products to prove themselves on their own. With that being said, Virility EX theoretically boosts the blood flow to the chambers of the penis, thus giving you a more engorged erection. It is also improves physical performance in the bedroom and increases stamina so both partners are more fulfilled.

Virility EX Ingredients

Learn more about Virility ExThe ingredients in Virility EX are all natural and include:

Horny Goat
Elk Velvet Antler
Tongkat Ali
Muira Puama
Oat Straw

Does Virility EX Really Work?

As previously stated the manufacturers are asking the users of Virility EX to make a total lifestyle change, which includes a healthy diet, exercise and supplementation. It’s not a bad idea but a healthy lifestyle may not increase your libido or grow your penis. With the addition of Virility EX this is supposed to happen, but the ingredients are not proven to grow a penis – make it longer. There are other male enhancement products with similar ingredients that can improve your sex life and boost your erection to a point of being harder and much more powerful without the ingredient Yohimbe, which cannot be taken by all people, especially those with high blood pressure.

An alternative would be Endowmax. Without the use of exercises Endowmax gradually improves the quality of your erection, making it harder and fuller and it also boosts your libido so you can actually have sex for longer periods of time.

Buy Virility EX 

The jury is still out on whether or not Virility EX is worth your money. They do present a money back guarantee and are offering a free bottle but it is not clear, at least on their website, how much their product costs. When buying male enhancement products the price should be made abundantly clear because once you fill out their order sheet and click the order button, they automatically have your contact information.

With your order they also offer a penis enlargement program. It’s not clear what that entails although it sounds like it could be an exercise regimen that you must follow along with taking the Virility EX male supplements. A few other problems with this product and website is that they don’t off a FAQ page or tell you up front how many pills you take a day and when to take them. The manufacturers state that they are a reputable company but it would ease the mind if they were more thorough regarding information on their product.

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