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For centuries male enhancement was more of a dream than a reality but with advances in technology it is an attainable solution to an age old problem. What man hasn't spent time measuring his favorite body part and wondering how he stacks up? Or day dreaming of a reality where he were larger? Often times its not only body parts that are being measured but in fact ego as well. Being average is not what we were taught to be. Sports and other competitive extensions of the male psyche drive us to be competitive and better than the other guy.

Men all over the world have gone to exceptional lengths to achieve an increase in size and power. These lengths have consisted of male enhancement solutions such as pills, weights, exercises and pumps. Often times these products leave guys the same size, a little poorer, and disappointed. In some cases the products that are offered are down right dangerous and work to decrease a guy's virility.

Do you want to know which male enhancement products work? Which ones don't? And which ones are dangerous? You could literally spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and years researching this subject. In addition, you'll most likely end up going through a lot of negative and uncomfortable situations. So we've decided to do the work for you. We researched every product out in the market today. We broke these male enhancement products into logical categories and gave you the pros and cons of each. Armed with a database of thousands of reviews, customer testimonials and hard facts we created a resource that gives you the inside scoop on what's hot and what's not.

Our Rating System

Our rating system consisted of size increase, firmness value, and guarantee. We've provided all the information you need to make an educated and smart choice in this growing but tumultuous industry on male enhancement. To checkout which product worked the best and which ones didn't work at all please check out our reviews page.

What types of male enhancement products are out there?

There are a number of different male enhancement products available today:

  • Male enhancement pills - Ingested daily the increase blood flow
  • Patches - attached to a discreet part of the body usually for 2-3 days per patch
  • Weights - A weight is attached to the penis on a regular basis and stretches the penis
  • Pumps - A cylinder pump is placed over the penis and a vacuum is created to draw blood into the penis
  • Surgery - Fat from different part of the body are taken and injected into the penis

Each one of these solutions has pros and cons and so feel free to read the fact sheet on each. Otherwise just head over to our recommended products page and checkout the proven solutions.

The combination of these techniques provides maximum results with the least amount of effort on your part. And what's even better, it all costs a lot less than penis enlargement surgery.

Final word

We've spent thousands of hours compiling this information and we are constantly collecting more data. If you have used any of these male enhancement products please contact us and let us know how your experience went. Your input is appreciated and necessary for us to continue offering cutting edge information on male enhancement products. Thanks for visiting our site and best of luck in finding the right male enhancement products for you.