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Cyvita: Better than Viagra?

Rated: 5.5 out of 10

"Better than taking Viagra alone?" That's the question that the makers of Cyvita want men like you to ask yourselves. Cyvita claims they have clinical proof that their product can help improve the erection quality of men who are already taking Viagra for their ED problems. But is it true? Obviously, we had to do a little digging and find out for ourselves. Below are the results of our research efforts - and you may be surprised by what you read!

Active Ingredients in Cyvita


At the top of the list for Cyvita is Vitamin C. Some research suggests that supplementing your diet with Vitamin C can help protect testosterone cells from oxidative damage. Next is Zinc. Nobody can argue that zinc is essential for male health. This statement is especially true when you're talking about male sexual health. Zinc is a nutritional building block for every single sex hormone in the male body. Without enough zinc, testosterone levels plummet (which is why it's such a popular ingredient in male enhancement supplements). And, of course, what male enhancement supplement would be complete without some Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium Sagittatum)?

Cyvita's claim of "clinical proof" that their product works, though, falls on the shoulders of two ingredients: Propionyl-L-Carnitine HCL and Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCL. According to Cyvita, a study which tested these two main ingredients (a study published in the Journal of Adult Urology) is clinical proof that their product works. Keep in mind that the study didn't test their product itself; just these two ingredients (but we'll touch back on the subject of this "study" in a minute). We did find the study they reference, and it does show that carnitine supplementation helped men achieve better nighttime erections. Some of them even got to experience higher-quality waking erections. Test subjects taking these two carnitines also out-performed test subjects who were receiving testosterone supplements without the added carnitine.

Some Cyvita commercials reference another study in which carnitine supplements were given to men who also relied on Viagra for their ED problems. The study did show that carnitine supplements enhanced Viagra's effectiveness. And, either coincidentally or not, it had the same researcher as the first study. But the men who volunteered to be tested had all recently had radical prostate surgery. How Viagra + carnitine supplementation works in otherwise healthy men is still a mystery.

How Much Does Cyvita Cost?

Purchasing your own supply of Cyvita might end up being as difficult as purchasing a needle from your local haystack store. Many of the retailers who carried the product in the past - such as CVS, Amazon, and Wal-Mart - no longer carry the product in stock. As a matter of fact, CVS has removed its listing from their website completely. Wal-Mart, even though it says the product is still "out of stock", lists a 28-tablet box for $17.16. This is marked down from the full retail price of $24.96.

Our "WTF" Moment with Cyvita

Remember those clinical studies we talked about earlier? Well, something about that journal title - The Journal of Adult Urology - set off our "something-smells-fishy-o-meter". And sure enough, one of our staff members, Frank, was eating a tuna salad sandwich at his desk. But then we did some digging and found out that the actual journal where the studies were published was actually just the plain ol' Journal of Urology (which makes a lot more sense than the idea that a Journal of Child Urology might actually exist).

The studies were there, and they did "clinically prove" the claims that Cyvita made. On the front page of one of the studies, it even has the words "adult urology" printed in the upper-right corner. But to this day, Cyvita itself has never been proven as effective as its ingredients. And we're still not sure if they outright lied about the title of the journal to keep the fact-checkers from sniffing out the truth, or if they made a simple mistake.

Will Cyvita Really Raise my Testosterone Levels?

According to Amazon customer reviews: no, probably not. Over 62% of customers who tried the product gave it only a single star. To be fair, though, it seems as though many of these reviewers assumed it was a stand-alone supplement and did not pair it with their Viagra prescription (as suggested by Cyvita commercials).

But who wants a supplement to a prescription when you can get a stand-alone supplement that actually works? You can find one here on our list of Top Picks!

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