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What are Penis Pumps?

Usually made of acrylic, penis pumps are cylinders which are placed over the penis. An attached pump is used to create a vacuum within the cylinder and around the penis. This vacuum effect literally draws blood into the penis and engorges till it is full, which will increase penis size.

Do penis pumps work?

Well, the concept seems pretty sound. Utilize a vacuum to increase blood flow and increase the size of the erectile tissue. The only problem is that it is very hard to control the proper pressure and it is an unnatural state for the penis to be in. Most penis pumps require long periods of use to create a larger pressure within the pump than the inner blood pressure. This excessive pressure can cause severe vascular damage. Penis pumps are successfully used with erectile dysfunction but they are only used for a few minutes to achieve an erection and then the user is instructed to place a compression ring around the erect penis and release the vacuum.

What are the dangers associated with penis pumping?

Use of a penis pump must done with extreme caution. Excessive pumping can cause vascular damage including burst blood vessels. Because of the powerful vacuum the testicles can be injured in certain cases where the vacuum pulls the testes into the cylinder. Also, the cylinder can cause cuts from rim being pushed into the skin and damaging ligaments and penis tissue.

Who are penis pumps for?

Penis pumps can be used safe and effectively when used for erectile dysfunction and prescribed by a doctor. The types of pumps that are supplied specifically for ED are made of a higher quality. Also, the users are well prepped on how to best use the device and the amount of time required to be within the vacuum chamber is under a couple of minutes which is safe. Penis pumps are popular amongst men who do not want to use any form of medication. Although, many men do use a combination of medication and a penis pump. Finally, the long term cost of using a penis pump is much lower than continual prescription male enhancement drugs and therefore a cost effective solution for many men.

Side effects

Side effect from using a penis pump can include:

  • Numbness and cold sensation from lack of blood flow
  • Bruising and intense pain
  • Delayed ejaculation from trapped semen
  • Vascular damage

Not sure about using a pump?

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