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RapidTabs Male Enhancement Pill

Rated: 5 out of 10

As the name suggests, RapidTabs works quickly because it is a soft pill that dissolves under the tongue. It may work as quickly as 30 to 60 minutes but sexual contact is usually necessary. RapidTabs main ingredient is Sildenafil Citrate, which is also used in Viagra®. This male enhancement supplement is supposed to increase your sexual stamina and improve the quality of your erection. Unlike Viagra®, RapidTabs is not a Pfizer® product - according the RapidTabs website, RapidTabs "are created through a compounding process using Viagra® by licensed Physicians." Sounds somewhat sketchy to us.

RapidTabs Reviews

Although there are some favorable reviews regarding RapidTabs, namely those that say this male enhancement product helped with staying power while having sex and a firmer erection, there were more negative reviews. The problem seems to originate in the reliance on Sildenafil Citrate as the main ingredient. Sildenafil Citrate can cause serious side effects, like those possible with Viagra®. They include headaches, nausea, possible blackouts, heart problems and sudden blindness. Because of these side effects RapidTabs or, Sildenafil Citrate is not recommended for everyone and a doctor should be consulted before taking this male enhancement product.

RapidTabs Ingredients

As stated earlier the main ingredient in RapidTabs is Sildenafil Citrate and, unfortunately, it is the main reason why there are problems with this product. Although RapidTabs is sometimes referred to as the Viagra® alternative without a prescription, it still carries the unwelcoming side effects so prescription or not, RapidTabs can be dangerous if taken without a doctor's consent.

Does RapidTabs Really Work?

Like Viagra®, RapidTabs can improve sexual performance by increasing stamina and enhancing your erection. That's not the problem, although not everyone that took RapidTabs was pleased. The main issue is the side effects. There are other male enhancement products that work terrifically and don't have the side effects associated with RapidTabs. One in particular, Xytomax, received a 95% success rate in the men that purchased this product. Xytomax has been proven to boost sexual performance with no side effects and it has a money back guarantee. Xytomax contains the FDA approved ingredient Yohimbe as well as other notable male enhancement ingredients. These ingredients combined have been proven to help enhance the experience in the bedroom by improving the physical and psychological state of the man. Xytomax not only increases the supply of blood to the penis, which causes the penis to grow harder, it increases the overall energy level and gives a new sense of purpose and level of confidence. Learn more.

Buy RapidTabs

If you don't suffer from any of the side effects or if RapidTabs doesn't pose a threat to your health because you have high blood pressure or other malady that could prove to be troubling then this product may be worth a try. But then another problem arises - price. RapidTabs are very expensive and that has also chased potential customers away. The tablets can be as much as $17 each and as this review was written there didn't seem to be a money back guarantee offered by the RapidTabs manufacturers. With all that being said, you'll have to figure out if RapidTabs are worth the cost and the potential for side effects.

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