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Penis Pump

Any man who has considered trying male enhancement has heard of the penis pump. This cylindrical device is designed to literally stretch the penis, causing longer and harder erections. While this certainly sounds like a great way to get a quick boost in size, it’s worth examining the effectiveness and safety concerns of penis pumps.

Homemade Penis Pump

Instead of going to the local erotica store, some men prefer to make their own homemade penis pump. These home engineered devices consist of PVC pipe, tubing, shut off valves, and a vacuum pump. Of course, using an unproven product to literally stretch your penis is incredibly dangerous, and you should always think twice before trying it. Just one simple mistake or one pump too many can land you in the emergency room, giving you lifelong erectile dysfunction.

How to Use a Penis Pump

If you do plan on using a penis pump, always proceed with the utmost caution. Here are a few steps for how to use a penis pump.

  1. Make sure to lube up
  2. Slide your penis into the tube
  3. Pump air to create a vacuum effect
  4. Once the penis is erect, slide the pump down toward the base of your penis
  5. After unsealing the vacuum, remove the penis pump

Do Penis Pumps Really Work?

Simply put, no, penis pumps don’t work. Sure, some people might enjoy a temporary gain in size from penis pumps, but the gains aren’t permanent and the injuries are too severe. Why would you want to use a device that can leave you with permanent erectile dysfunction? And does stretching your penis really sound like fun? Instead, we recommend trying male enhancement pills. The results created by these are long-term, and the pills are easy to take and safe. Don’t put yourself at risk with dangerous homemade penis pumps; read our reviews of the popular all natural male enhancement pills today.