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Male Extra Review

Rated: 7.0 out of 10

For men experiencing the symptoms of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction the sense that their world is changing forever is a big pill to swallow. And, from the earliest days of civilization to just very recently most men just had to accept it as a part of aging. This, in a nutshell, was simply because most men start to lose their ability to produce high levels of testosterone around the age of thirty and continue to lose it at a rate of about two percent every year after that.

This loss of testosterone is what leads to the decrease in libido and the ability to form and maintain a full, firm and lasting erection. And, as we said, until recently most men felt there was nothing they could do about it. Still, there have always been who did not want to put their sex lives on a shelf or live the embarrassment and lack of confidence that comes with this kind of sexual dysfunction. It was these men who sought out the help of physicians, shamans or anyone else who said they may have something that can help them. This road may have led to a lot of dead ends but there were also many success stories and, even though it was hard to prove exactly how or why these successes worked they did manage to gain attention the spread around the world and endure for, in some cases, centuries. Yes, we're talking about the discoveries that many plants, herbs and other elements contained certain properties that could help to rejuvenate a man's system and allow him to boost the critical production of testosterone and get him back to being his happier, more virile self again.

Even better for the men of the twenty-first century, modern science and those people well-versed in herbal treatments have combined to produce what is now known as the male enhancement supplement. This simple yet highly praised advancement simply takes the beneficial elements of all those long sought after herbal elements and puts them into a highly focused and laboratory based formula for millions and millions of men all around the world in a very significant and life changing way.

The only real problem facing men who want to take advantage of these great advances is that, because male enhancement supplements are so in demand, the market has been flooded with seemingly hundreds of products which, at first glance, seem to have nearly the same ingredients and the same claims.

This being the case, we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the products that are best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about male enhancement supplement available today - it's called Male Extra.

About Male Extra

Male ExtraA product of Vobue Limited of Cyprus, Male Extra has made a name for itself by claiming to be an all-natural male enhancement supplement. It has been designed to deliver significantly increase blood flow to the penis to help form and maintain a full, firm and long lasting erection. Additionally, its well-established blend of ingredients is said to increase the oxygen and nutrients passing through the bloodstream which provide more stamina for longer lasting and more intense and enjoyable sexual encounters including longer and more powerful orgasms.

Beyond that this benefit is not only great for the man's physical needs it also helps with his psychological and emotional well-being giving him the knowledge and confidence that his performance is satisfying to his partner, as well.

Male Extra Active Ingredients

The active ingredients Male Extra are a blend of some of the most sought after and well-recognized elements in many if not all of the highest ranking male enhancement supplements on the market. Among them are:

  • L-Arginine HCL 600mg: Known to increase the levels of nitric oxide within the bloodstream to carry needed oxygen and nutrients to various muscle tissue groups and organs to elevate blood flow and boost stamina.
  • Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid 500mg: Praised by many for its ability to provide crucial antioxidants and improve performance by increasing blood flow during sexual activity.
  • MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 100mg: An organic form of sulfur this mineral is key to the production of new and durable cell structures within the body that facilitate and support strong and sustained blood flow.
  • L-Methionine 100mg: An essential amino acid known to prevent the conversion of histidine in to histamine which prevents premature ejaculations and the achievement of heightened orgasms.
  • Zinc (as Citrate) 14mg: A mineral vital to the production of testosterone which is often the single most significant factor at the onset of sexual dysfunction in men over the age of thirty.
  • Cordyceps 25mg: A central element is traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years, this fungus based extract is a natural aphrodisiac is widely thought to improve libido by stimulating the nerve receptors known to affect the areas of the brain responsible for sexual arousal.
  • Niacin 18mg (vitamin B3): Added to both improve the integrity and flexibility of key blood vessel cell walls and reduce fatigue associated with sexual activity.

Male Extra: Research And Clinical Studies

Although the official website for Male Extra provides a large amount of information related to studies showing the effectiveness of the ingredients that have been chosen to be part of their formula it should be noted that this information is only relevant to the individual ingredients and not to the overall effectiveness as part of the Male Extra formula itself.

Male Extra User Reviews

Surprisingly, we did not find any testimonials or other types of user reviews on the official website for Male Extra. This is not an issue as we tend to disregard officially sanctioned testimonials and user reviews due to their fact that they are selected by the manufacturer which, of course, leads to questions of bias.

In a standard search of industry websites and chat rooms dedicated to the subject which had no apparent affiliation with Male Extra we did find a large number of user reviews which were largely negative in nature. The most common comments associated with these unfavorable reviews centered around the feeling that Male Extra just did not live up to its claims.

Male Extra Conclusion

As we talked about at the start of this review, it was only recently that men could take advantage of the thousands of years of herbal remedies which have now been brought into the modern age in a marriage to the latest analytical and scientific methods. This means that now, more than ever in the past, men are aware of and have easy access to a seemingly endless array of science based, all-natural male enhancement supplements and that can help them overcome the debilitating effects of mild to moderate sexual dysfunction.

This biggest problem with this great advance is that it can be quite difficult figuring out which one of the almost endless options is best for you.

Looking specifically at Male Extra there are several aspects that must be considered. Chief among these is that its formula is based on a well-respected set of all-natural ingredients. Another factor is that, even though there is a long track record of these ingredients being helpful in boosting testosterone, building sexual stamina and improving libido, there is no evidence that the formula which Male Formula has specifically created has combined them in a highly effective way. This is evidenced by the lack of information provided by the company with regard to any direct research, clinical studies or trials providing documentation on the effectiveness of its formula.

Add to this the rather high rate of dissatisfaction among independent user reviews and it becomes easy to see why ranking Male Extra among the best possible options for men looking to overcome low testosterone issues is not easy to do.

For more information regarding high quality, top ranked male enhancement supplements available on the market today, see below or click here.

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